The Brand 'Always On The Right Track' has a very powerful meaning behind it.
It's a meaning for the Culture of Djing as well as for the people. On a daily I strive to do what's positive and steer clear from bad energy. Reason being... life wasn’t always this good. Therefore the life I live now, I’m forever grateful for. I've realized I had to make the necessary changes in life to be where I am today. Which is why I continue to do good, stay positive and move forward. I refuse to go backwards. I’ve worked too hard to make it this far. Life is what you make it. You can become or do anything you want. It’s solely up to you... depending on the path you decide to take. I FOUND MY PATH. Ever since I’ve been on this path nothing but good has come from it. There’s only two ways you can go. The right way, or the wrong way! If you do bad, you get bad. You give off bad energy, you receive bad energy. You do good, you get good. You give off good energy, you receive good energy.
Stay ‘On The Right Track’ and I promise your life will progress in a major way. The end result will truly be rewarding.
There's a double meaning to the expression or phrase ‘ALWAYS ON THE RIGHT TRACK’
1. It’s everything I just shared with you and more.
2. On the flip side to it... as a Dj; the only way to Rock a Party is to musically ‘Always Be On The Right Track’.
Thank you for the love and support!